Blueberry POWER Muffins

Blueberry POWER Muffins

I made these muffins last night and they are delicious! I tweaked the recipe just a tad based on what I had on hand, but stuck pretty close to it. They taste good and are very filling. Their consistency is a bit denser than typical muffins, but I think that is mainly due to the oats in the recipe.

The tweaks that I made: I used regular vanilla Chobani yogurt instead of the honey flavored one. In order to keep the flavor, I added in 2 tablespoons of raw honey to the mix. I also subbed splenda for regular sugar and used a tad more blueberries to my mixture than the recipe called for.

One word of caution- this mix is very thick and not at all what I would think of when I think of “muffin mix”. It actually reminded me more of a consistency of cookie dough, but ended up coming out just a tad denser than a regular muffin.

I would like to figure out a way to take down the carb content of each muffin, but I am new at this whole making an unhealthy recipe more healthy thing so I am not sure how to go about that. Maybe a different kind of flour?

Right now the macros for each muffin are 25 carb/1.5 fat/7 protein- not terrible, but definitely could cut some carbs to make it more aligned with 1 serving size of carbs.

Next time I make them (because I WILL be making them again) I will take pictures of the process and update this post 🙂


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